I Need Democracy Now Because…


Just found the photo I submitted to Democracy Now’s social media campaign!  #librariansfordemocracynow

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FOX Chicago News Features Anti-Library Story


Last month, FOX newsperson Anna Davlantes (Chicago) contributed an unfortunate piece of so-called “news” entitled Are Libraries Necessary, or a Waste of Tax Money? They eat up millions of your hard earned tax dollars. It’s money that could be used to keep your child’s school running. So with the internet and e-books, do we really need millions for libraries? Well, Anna, now that you asked! The library’s placement in America as a public domain that houses children and adults, providing them with tools for education and growth, is an undeniable institution that one would likely claim remains integral to our communities. But why take my word for it? Take a look at Why The Next Big Pop-Culture Wave After Cupcakes Might Be Libraries (NPR). Then check out U.S. Public Libraries: We Lose Them at our Peril (LA Times), and since this article was written by Marilyn Johnson, author of This Book is Overdue: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All, you’ve got further reading practically built in! You can find a copy at your local branch library no doubt. I digress. Chicago Public Library Commissioner has promtly responded herself to the above mentioned story. Read the text of Mary A. Dempsey’s Letter to the Editor here.

I’m Too Sexy For My Library: The New Old Spice Campaign Ad Advocates for Libraries


In what is definitely one of the more creative social media ad campaigns I’ve seen lately, users log on to Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit and send a question or a comment to one of the official Old Spice feeds. If the Old Spice folks like your submission, they’ll upload a video response to YouTube, starring the Old Spice Guy, also known as Isiah Mustafa – a former wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks. This one was made in response to a tweet (thanks wawoodworth!):

On Twitter, @wawoodworth wrote “ATTN LIBRARIAN TWEEPS: Need help getting @oldspice guy to say a few words regarding libraries. RT plz. Thanks.”