#BlackLivesMatter Resource Series at Oakland Public Library

From the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign at Oakland Public Library. A woman holds a #WeNeedDiverseBooks sign up.      Photo: Courtesy of Oakland Public Library (via NPR)

From the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign at Oakland Public Library. A woman holds a #WeNeedDiverseBooks sign up.
Photo: Courtesy of Oakland Public Library (via NPR)

Across the country #BlackLivesMatter is inspiring action and conversation. Thank you to the Oakland librarians who have compiled resources to support these conversations (all of which are available to view here; however placing holds on materials via the OPL catalog would require a library card).

Listen, Learn, Participate: A #BlackLivesMatter Resource Series offers books, articles and videos to prompt discussion and action around:

These are incredibly valuable resources for teachers, students, parents, kids, community organizers, neighbors, and you. ❤


Have you seen LA Public Library’s “Shades of LA” archives?


The Los Angeles Library’s “Shades of LA” photo archive contains more than 10,000 images of black, Latino and Asian-American families throughout Southern California dating back to the early 20th century. Here, librarian Kathy Kabayashi explains the very deliberate process of gathering so many images from people’s private archives as part of this grass-roots community history project.


THIS WEEKEND: BPL Warming Center and Uni Pop-Up Library Come to Red Hook


TODAY 11/9/12: The Red Hook Library (7 Wolcott Street) will act as a Warming Center from 10AM – 8PM (and hopefully again next week and/or until power is restored fully in the area). Food and warm drinks will be available. AT&T is providing free Wi-Fi service on Friday (BPL’s computers and wifi have been impacted by the storm). For more information, please visit http://www.brooklynpubliclibrary.org/hurricane#warmingcenter and/or NYC.gov’s Warming Center page.

Uni Project attracting young readers in Corona Plaza, Queens. Photo: http://www.theuniproject.org/about/locations/

The Uni Project will deploy in Red Hook this Sunday (11/11/12) alongside a field hospital, a food truck, and other mobile solutions for residents which are staged in Coffey Park in partnership with the Brooklyn Public Library. BPL staff did advance work for their visit as part of their own efforts to serve Red Hook, which included a recent opening of branches as warming stations.

The Uni Project will be at Coffey Park from 12PM-4PM, and the weather looks to be sunny, clear, and even warm. A good day to step outside and experience a library.