Call for Readers! The 24-Hour Read In is Coming and We Will Not Be Shushed



June 8th -9th
4pm Saturday through 4pm Sunday


Speak out in support of the library by reading your favorite book in public. The 24 Hour Read In is looking for New Yorkers who are willing to stand up for libraries. Come out and help Urban Librarians Unite read right around the clock in support of libraries in New York City.

Once again libraries in the five boroughs are facing historic budget cuts. This year’s budget is proposing a $106 million cut for libraries. Should these cuts go through more than sixty neighborhood libraries across the city will be forced to close and services and hours at the remaining libraries will be slashed. More than a thousand library workers will be let go and public services including budgets for new books and materials will be severely cut.

Now in our fourth year the 24 Hour Read In on the steps of Brooklyn Public Library has become a staple of library advocacy in New York City. Urban Librarians Unite have had weather balloons hanging in the sky, enough donated food to feed an army, and storm winds that lifted a tent full of gear two feet into the air. It is an amazing and inspirational tribute to reading in the city.

Readers take it in fifteen minute shifts to read whatever they like. Readers can read anything they want with a couple of small caveats. We ask that people just read, not give long speeches, this is first and foremost a tribute to the library and the written word. Please don’t read erotica during family story time from 8AM – 1PM on Sunday. Likewise, the hours of midnight to 4AM can get a little racy so don’t read then if that kind of stuff will shock you. Please show up at least fifteen minutes early and don’t read over your allotted time. That is pretty much it for rules.


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