Abandoned East Oakland Library Reclaimed as Biblioteca Popular Victor Martinez


Photo taken from the Biblioteca Popular Victor Martinez’s Facebook page.

On Monday, August 13th, garbage was cleared from the grounds of the long-abandoned building, donations of books poured in (“empty shelves at 7am, full of non fiction books and encyclopedias by noon”) and area children helped to start a community garden in a side lot. Occupy Oakland sponsored a potluck dinner before a speak-out in the evening. In less than 15 hours after it’s grand opening, however, OPD and the City Administrators Office deemed the occupation illegal and promptly raided the Community Library.  For more information, listen to the Audio Report from the Victor Martínez Popular Library in Oakland.

UPDATE: According to their Facebook page, “The library is out on the sidewalk, the kids are gardening, and our work continues despite the raid. Come down for a meal and community gathering! Potlucks are being held every night at the #peopleslibrary til further notice–bring food, books, ideas, gardening supplies to 1449 Miller Ave between six and seven.”


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