Start Advocating for NYC Public Libraries. Write a Postcard!

Written by: Urban Librarians Unite
Photo: Caitlin Quinn

It is time to get started. Library advocacy season is upon us again and it is time to tool up. It is going to be a tough year. The budget looks worse than ever. The numbers are still in flux but right now we are looking at massive cuts across the board at all three public libraries in New York City. There will be hundreds of layoffs EACH at Brooklyn, New York, and Queens Public Libraries if the projected budget goes through. There may be over a thousand jobs on the chopping block in the city libraries this year [which means dramatically reduced library hours].

To get started RIGHT NOW we are getting another postcard campaign going to our good friend and supporter City Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer. His office will be collecting postcards from all over the city (the country? the world?). He will present them to the City Council to support his case that libraries are an important public resource in our fair city.

Grab a postcard (any postcard will do), write a couple of words (seriously two words is enough), and drop it in the mail to Jimmy’s office. If you get your friends and family to write a card (each), put them all in an envelope and drop it in the mail. Keep a few in your pocket for when you are at a church, or a bar, or a library, or anywhere people care about free education and resources for everyone.

Here is the address:

Jimmy Van Bramer
47-01 Queens Boulevard
Suite 205
Sunnyside, New York 11104


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