Sniff & Tell


This week New York Magazine published an article listing  artist Rachael Morrison‘s quirky book sniffing project as the 16th reason (out of 58) to love NYC. And why not?

Morrison’s effort, she says, is rooted in capturing the ephemeral. “Smelling books is really nostalgic for me—I am often reminded of my grandparents’ homes, or libraries where I used to go when I was a child.”

Collected Papers on Museum Preparation and Installation of 1927 will be remembered in her notes as “armpit.” The 1967 American Folk Art in the Collection of the Newark Museum “smells gross; dog poop.” The Civic Value of Museums evokes “cigar smoke and tea.”

Morrison, an employee of the library at MoMA (open by appointment to all researchers) is currently working with items in the  300,000 book collection there (she’s smelled 150 so far).


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