More popular than Broadway: NYPL caregivers counterfeit tickets for toddler story hour


The Post exposed the frenzy at the Webster Library (York near East 78th) yesterday, “The matinée story time every Wednesday at the NYPL’s Webster branch is so popular with toddlers that organizers had to switch to a color-coded ticket system because desperate mommies and nannies had started counterfeiting the numbered tickets.”

Gayle Snible of the New York Public Library says, “It’s true. The hottest ticket in town is a FREE storytime.”  The Webster branch does indeed have a happening Toddler Story Time, and the turnout is staggering, apparently, showing that caretakers know the importance of planning activities with their children and that reading to them, at this young age, improves their language and literacy skills. The New York Public Library has Baby Story Times, Toddler Story Times, Preschool Story Times, and Reading Aloud (for children K-6) at many of its branches, and most do not have wait lines as long as Webster’s. Check out the NYPL’s website or latest issue of the NYPL’s Roar! (PDF) for various story times around town.

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