Activist Raúl Lemesoff Transforms Military Vehicle into an Unlikely Lending Library


Meet my new hero. Raúl Lemesoff is an activist artist. His work, El Arma de Instrucción Masiva (ADIM), or Weapon of Mass Instruction, is a former military tank turned motorized sculpture made with books. The ADIM is used by Lemesoff to distribute books as well as accept donations in order to supply schools and other venues where books might be lacking or rarely found in Buenos Aires. In the video interview shown above, Raul explains the purpose of his project :

“The Weapon of Mass Instruction is meant to get people to recognize various aspects of life: sharing, education, and also to have a good time. It’s a contribution to peace through literature.”

Lemesoff has transformed what was once a symbol of suppression and violence into a peaceful campaign of communication and learning through recycled books. I’m not sure if the ADIM is still traveling, but according to the interview, he plans on building more “booktanks” that will travel to other parts of the world.


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