No Cuts, No Closures, No Layoffs in NYC Libraries!


Thursday June 17th is Call In Action Day
Call 311, get everyone you know to call 311!

If we all got just 10 people to call that would be thousands of calls!
Mayor Bloomberg has a “big board” in the bullpen, and the issue that is getting the most 311 calls zooms straight up to the top. Let’s make that issue library funding!

Sample Script

“My name is *****, I believe closing any libraries in NYC is unacceptable and I’m calling to request the complete restoration of library funding”

Calling 311
In any borough of New York City, call 311.
Outside New York City, call (212) NEW-YORK / (212) 639-9675.
The TTY Number is (212) 504-4115.

Additionally, our pals @ BPL are calling 311 everyday at 3:11pm, so let’s do that too. The Read-In got great press coverage, but in a week or so that will fade away. We need to make sure city officials remember us in their negotiations.

No Cuts, No Closures, No Layoffs!
The Urban Librarians Unite Team


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