Do Young Adult Library Services and Collections Support Access to Teen Sexual Health Information?


“How Young Adult Libraries Support Teen Sexual Health” is the title of a presentation curated by mk Eagle, a librarian and recent presenter at Sex::Tech 2009, which lends insight and resources pertaining to youth, technology, and library access (or lack thereof) to sexual health information. Says Eagle: Folks from all over the map in universities, non-profits, health departments and more came to share the exciting work that’s being done where sexual health and technology collide to serve teens. And guess what? Some of that work is happening in libraries. (For the text accompanying this presentation, please see Sagittarian Librarian.)

Other presentation titles from Sex::Tech:

Do Teen Sexuality + Adult Anxiety + Digital Technology = Public Trouble?

Finding Youth in Their Space: Using Social Networking Sites to Connect Youth to Sexual Health Services

Media Portrayals of Online Youth: What They Are and What You Can Do about It

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