Library Lobby Day: March 10, 2009


State Budget negotiations are ramping up as both the Assembly and the Senate prepare to release their budget proposals by early next week. Despite the state receiving approximately $24.6 billion in federal stimulus funds, including $2.4 billion for school aid over the next two years, Library Aid funding remains in jeopardy.

Next Tuesday, March 10, is Library Lobby Day, and I urge the library community to make every effort to participate so we can have a strong showing in Albany that will demonstrate to public policymakers the urgent need to restore the proposed $18 million or 18% cut in Library Aid that will impact all types of libraries, public, school and college.

Full details about Pre-Lobby Day, Monday, March 9, and Library Lobby Day, Tuesday, March 10, can be found on NYLA’s website. If you are interested in attending, contact your regional coordinator; a list can be found on NYLA’s Lobby Day page.

In addition, I invite you to view a video of NYLA’s Executive Director’s appearance on Senator Liz Krueger’s (D-Manhattan) cable show and NYLA’s testimony before the Joint Legislative Budget Hearing. These links are found on NYLA’s website under “Headlines.” Also found on the NYLA website are links to information about the federal stimulus package and how it impacts libraries and how libraries can apply for funding from the state.

I look forward to seeing you in Albany next week.


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