The Library Student Bill of Rights


According to Char Booth, recent library student and new professional,  “there are many reasons why library school curricula doesn’t yet reflect the reality of the profession, first among these the widely recognized disconnect between teaching faculty and practitioners. Librarianship is undergoing a number of transformations, and it is more often experimentation than tradition that motivates our actions in the workplace. For all of these reasons, there is a widening gulf between what we are taught and what we actually do.” Booth submits the following as her template “in order to create a more vibrant and resilient profession”:

1. The right to educate.
2. The right to evaluate.
3. The right to challenge.
4. The right to innovate.
5. The right to experience.
6. The right to explore.
7. The right to collaborate.
8. The right to redefine.
9. The right to develop.
10. The right to advocate.


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