“This haircut is one for the books”


Last week someone off the NYCSLIST posted a link to a heart-warming article about a Queens librarian who was inspired by her young patrons, and who in turn, inspired them.

Librarian Sueli Zaqem had wagered that the children at her library would not read twice as many books this past summer as they had the previous summer. She was proved wrong when the younger library patrons of the Hollis Branch of Queens Borough Public Library read 1,000 books, compared to 490 last year. And what Ms. Zaqem had wagered was her hair!

(Below: text and photograph from NYDaily News, August 29th 2008)

“I was proud,” said Zaqem, 48, of South Ozone Park. “I had to live up to my end.”

The kids clapped and cheered as she sat in a chair and let a colleague snip off a 13-inch ponytail for Locks of Love, which donates hair to kids made bald by illness.”

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