Archives of Dissent


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Archives of Dissent
Thursday, Sept 18th
Free Speech Café
Moffitt Library
UC Berkeley Campus
6PM – 8:30PM

There are special problems facing those committed to documenting and preserving what has been called “history from below”. Archives of Dissent will bring together librarians, curators, oral historians, conservators, publishers, booksellers, and others working to prevent the loss and erasure of radical voices, events and movements of both the past and the present.

“Archives of Dissent” is one of a week-long (September 17-24) series of Bay Area events, under the rubric of “The Great Rehearsal” and the auspices of the Global Commons Foundation, commemorating the worldwide upheavals of 1968, their impacts and legacies. The series will also include a teach-in on the Berkeley campus, sponsored by Historians against the War.

The Free Speech Café, itself a legacy of the ferment of the Sixties, is the ideal venue to host a debate and general discussion about the documenting and archiving of dissent and radical expression across a wide range of media – books, posters, photographs, film, newspapers, zines, audio and video, and the expanding online world.

The Free Speech Café Program invites you to refreshments at 6:00. The debate, starting at 6:30, will be primed by opening provocations from:

• Julie Herrada, Labadie Collection Librarian, University of Michigan, and curator of a “1968” special exhibit. The Labadie Collection is an internationally renowned archive of social protest materials.

• Kalim Smith – UC Berkeley doctoral student in anthropology and folklore, researching the preservation of Native American languages threatened with extinction.

• Lincoln Cushing, independent librarian and Docs Populi archivist. A rolling montage of images of dissent from the 1960s, assembled by Lincoln Cushing for the event, will be projected between 6:00 and 6:30.

• Megan Shaw Prelinger & Rick Prelinger, co-founders of the Prelinger Library, an appropriation-friendly, image-rich, browsable research collection of 50,000 books, periodicals, printed ephemera and government documents, located south of Market St in San Francisco.

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