All Aboard the Digital Bookmobile!


When: Aug. 12th, 10am-8pm in Prospect Park, Opposite the Memorial Arch
What: The Overdrive Digital Bookmobile

On Tuesday, August 12th in Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Public Library will be partnering with Overdrive, a digital content distributor, to promote downloading services available in libraries. Overdrive has constructed an 18 wheel high tech tractor trailer educational experience called the Digital Bookmobile, which will be touring public libraries throughout the country.

The Digital Bookmobile will connect and instruct patrons about the Brooklyn Public Library’s online catalog and Digital Media Catalog (eAudiobooks, eBooks, eMusic, and eVideo). On board the Digital Bookmobile, library users can take part in hands-on training using web connected PCs, interactive displays, portable MP3 players, and exhibits. Brooklyn Public Library staff members will be around to help with library card registration, online public catalog searching, and general questions about the Brooklyn Public Library.

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