Informational Picket at Oakland’s Main Branch Public Library on Tuesday, July 1


Oakland Public Library Staff is picketing their library administration on July 1, 11 am to 1 pm. This is an informational picket to let the public know about numerous safety issues at the library that are not being resolved.

[Taken from OPL1021.WORDPRESS.COM]

Outstanding Safety Complaints:
Two violent incidents in Oakland libraries so far this year make library staff feel vulnerable and understaffed. We are presently grieving administration’s lack of action on our safety complaints, but we don’t feel patrons and staff should have to wait for safety until arbitration.

Ultra-Low Morale:
Our safety is not taken seriously and to make matters worse, administration changed our break policy after 25 years in a way that is unlawful. We want our legal stacked lunch breaks restored! Don’t try to use labor law against labor.

Our Expired Contract: We are negotiating in good faith for our contract. The city has harassed our stewards, and city council recently voted in a labor lock-out with the new budget. Now it’s time to sit down and work out a contract that all working people in Oakland can live with.

Measure Q v. City Closures:
Oakland citizens agreed to extra taxes to keep libraries open six days a week. City Council just voted to shut us down for five days next year (apparently). We want a fair contract that respects both citizens and workers, and not one that puts the economic burden on one group alone – a group that includes library staff among other devoted public workers.

It Comes Down to Respect:
In the last six months, administration has flaunted Calpers rules and it’s own civil service policy. We are tired of favoritism and discrimination winning the day at the library. That’s why we’re fighting for fairness.


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