Art:21 Promotes Librarians and Public Access to Art


After collaborating with Arezoo Moseni (artist and Art Librarian) on the recent series of Art:21, Screenings and Conversations at the New York Public Library, Arezoo has been invited to write as a guest blogger to Art:21’s blog on artists, publications, programs/events, and teaching with contemporary art. Arezoo is a senior art librarian at the Mid-Manhattan Library, as well as an artist, living and working in NYC. A partnership such as this promotes librarians as knowledgeable (and active) contributers to a subject field and is great press for NYPL to boot.

Read Arezoo’s first post on an upcoming event at New York’s Austrian Cultural Forum.

about Art:21
(taken from the official website): “By making contemporary art more accessible through public television and the Internet, Art:21 affords an intimate encounter with contemporary art and the people who make it, encouraging creative thinking and self-expression.”

from the Online Lesson Library, a project of Art:21 and PBS:


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