Library Activism & How to Effect Change (Salon Title by Jenna Freedman)


slow and/or unresponsive administration?
monolithic or bureaucratic organization?
lengthy vetting process?
being a new employee?
staffing limitations?
lack of follow-through from administration?
unhealthy, unsupported work environment?

Last September I attended a salon on effecting change in librarianship presented by Jenna Freedman of Radical Reference NYC. Since then, I have seen postings for repetitions of this salon, posing questions such as “How do you launch an alternative press collection, develop a radical films series, organize a union, start a group (like Radical Reference), etc?” The salon environment provided a great space to hear how others have achieved their pet projects and brainstorm new ideas and ways of implementing them. I was thrilled to discover today that a wiki-page has been developed for ongoing conversations around the topics addressed at September’s salon. To view the wiki, click here.

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For information on future salons email All library workers, LIS students, and LIS faculty are welcome. Occasionally welcomed are those who merely love libraries and library workers!!

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